One Mile Away


To challenge negative mindsets in young people and support them through the education system, we have developed tailored interventions for different age groups.  Our programmes target young people most at risk of being caught up in youth crime and dropping out of school:

Big Brother Little Brother

“I am who you are, I’m from where you’re from”

This is our take on mentoring and provides sustained support for young people who need it most. We are from similar backgrounds to them and have experienced many of the struggles that they go through day-to-day.  After an initial evaluation to assess where the young person is at, together the Big Brother and the Little Brother set specific aims for our relationship.  The Big Brother tries to be a constant sounding board and role model for all aspects of the Little Brother’s life helping them to develop their beliefs, interests and attitudes.   We aim to get the young person back into education or other training, changing their behaviour over time.

Target audience: youths who are vulnerable to permanent exclusion, usually aged 15+ and possibly those in pupil referral units

The Survival Kit

We have devised our Survival Kit programme to get kids thinking about the realities of being in a gang.  Survival Kit consists of 6 x 50 minute workshops and can be delivered in single lesson blocks or after school / in youth centres.  Using clips from the film as well as other multimedia, we aim to spark and inform discussions with young people.  Participants are challenged to develop their own ‘creating positive people’ campaign that would involve the wider community.

Target audience: Secondary school students aged 11-13


Going The Mile

This programme is our more intensive programme and will give the most hard to reach young people the chance to gain an accredited qualification, once fully developed.  Going the Mile aims to equip them with the skills to better understand themselves - who and what they are and what they could be - and resist the temptations of the negative and violent lifestyle associated with criminal gangs.

Target audience: students leaving education with little/no qualifications, aged 15-18


Peer to Peer

BBLB has now been expanded from younger to older young people including return to school (exclusion/absence) and apprenticeships who are still being supported; in particular helping older young people re-engage with mainstream life – we recently accompanied a group of 10 young people for enrolment at South Birmingham College


Boxing To Change Minds

The delivery of life-skills and Mentoring through a boxing project in partnership with Tyburn Road Boxing Gym – Boxing To Change Minds; designed to engage and bring young men and women from different postcodes together where self-belief and self-control is the key focus.


Contact Felicity on for further information and booking the One Mile Away team to run their programmes in your school.